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Beginners Guide to Intuitive Eating + Healthy Living Recipes

Do you want to give the middle finger to dieting?

Do you want to take back control of your body?

Do you want to embody health & wellness without the obsession?

Do you want to ignite your passion for healthy living cooking and baking?

Then this ebook is for YOU. Find Your Healthy is the ultimate beginners guide to intuitive eating and is packed full of healthy living recipes to help kickstart your journey! I want you to think of this eBook as your go-to guide to learning to connect to your body, put an end dieting and find your passion in the kitchen. Are you ready?

What’s Inside

Part 1 is a Beginners Guide to Intuitive Eating (50+ pages)

  • Stop the restrictions and food rules!

  • Start your non-diet approach to health and wellness!

  • Start recognising your body signals!

  • Improve your relationship with food!

  • Start loving your body from the inside out!

Learning to eat outside the diet mentality, putting the focus on your internal cues (aka your intuition) and moving away from external cues like food rules, restrictions & diets.

Part 2 is Healthy Living Recipes (80+ pages) 

  • Fall in love with cooking!

  • Learn healthy and easy swaps for your favourite meals that are just as delicious!

  • Start feeling satisfied and happy after you eat!

  • Includes my shopping list! 

I created a collection of delicious recipes that are not only nutritious but super quick and only use a handful of ingredients!  

There are over 80% vegan recipes plus a key for vegan, vegetarian, Gluten free, paleo and refined sugar free. 

Here is a taste of the recipes you get:

  • Maple Magic Protein Pancakes

  • Bangin' Breakfast Buddha Bowl

  • Get Naked Burger

  • Easy Veggie Nachos

  • Satay Chicken Skewers & Coconut Rice

  • Weis Bar Cheesecake

  • Caramel Popcorn Bliss Balls

  • Choc Chip Cookie Slice

  • Devil's Treat Chocolate Mousse

  • Many so many more!

What does everyone have to say so far?

“I already love the Healthy Salted Caramel Cups - they were to die for!! Like 1000% making again.  I'm so excited for your cookbook to come out!”

Rebecca, 23, USA

“I just tried your salted caramel cups = absolutely AMAZING. 10/10, perfect ratios for each layer & the pinch of salt really gave it that extra something special! Side note: I’ve had to hide them in the freezer so my brothers don’t inhale them haha!”

Chelsea, 20, Australia

“THIS SMOOTHIE IS AMAZING! It tastes so good and creamy with the berries. Definitely will make it again!”

Jana, 17, Germany

“THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping kick start my health and fitness journey as well as change my training to more weight based, i have been following you since day one and you have honestly helped me change my life for the better. thank you for doing exactly what you do and for being so real raw and honest with your followers because it such a good thing to see such honesty and see the person as who they truly are so once again thank you!!!!!

p.s tried out those salted caramel cups, and OMG they are seriously amazing and the way it was written was so easy to follow especially for those who don't bake or cook regularly ;) i am beyond excited for your eBook and for more recipes like those.”

Sophie, 16, Australia


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