Meet Your Founder - Georgie Stevenson (Pictured Centre)

Star sign: Leo
Random Fact: Can swallow many tablets at once

G is 28, a Mumma to Ivy Sunday, a wife to Tim 👨‍👩‍👧, owner of Naked Harvest Supplements and The Rise & Conquer Brand & of course, host of the Rise & Conquer Podcast. A woman of many passions, but also a woman who shows us, you can literally do it all and there are no rules that say you have to fit into a certain box.

G really was put onto this earth to empower other women to chase after what they want and follow a path that hasn’t been laid before. She lives by the phrase “Life Happens For Me” and it’s a running joke in the office that even when things are literally falling apart, life is still very much, happening for us. If G’s not at work, you’ll usually find her by the beach, with her fam, with an açai bowl in hand asking Tim what his goals are (another thing to note about G, she will skip the surface level conversation and go straight to asking you what your shadows are, even if you met 2 seconds prior 😂). She also loves to be a fit gal, do her journaling, pull some cards and dig deep into self-development. All of us in the office are always doing our hardest to keep up with her constantly up levelling - it really does keep us on our toes, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Jayme: Marketing & Brand Manager (pictured Right)

Star sign: Virgo
Random Fact: Wanted to be an actor when she was younger and was in a Nicholas cage movie

Jayme is our Marketing & Brand Manager. She loves all things self-development, creativity, marketing, business and empowering women - so she really landed herself in the right position. Outside of work you’ll most likely find Jayme eating delicious foods, with a Margi in hand and her dog alf by her side. Jayme always struggles to tell us her hobbies because in true Virgo style, if it’s not productive, she’s probably not doing it (this is something she is working on). If she’s not out socialising or working or eating or drinking, you’ll find her by the beach, reading a book, doing a self-development course or getting her 9 hours of sleep a night. She also loves a sunrise, being in bed by 8pm (26 going on 80) or watching food videos. Oh she also is probably crying during any of these times because she’s a sensitive soul who cries at the drop of a hat.

Atiyya: Podcast Producer (pictured left) 

Star sign: Virgo
Random Fact: She competed in the marching band world championships

Atiyya is our resident podcast producer. Considering she was always told on report cards that she talked too much, it seems fitting that she landed herself a job where she gets paid to talk on a podcast 😅 Outside of work, Atiyya loves to immerse herself in music, movies & theatre. She’s our pop culture gal and is always spitting out random facts about famous people (most of the time Georgie & Jayme have no idea what she's talking about but we love her for it). Atiyya also dabbles in 4WD, cooking, baking, beauty + makeup and also has a slight shopping addiction (you might have already picked that up from the podcast). She also is a huge Formula 1 fan, so if you’ve read up to here, you’ve probably realised she’s quite a random human, but we wouldn't have her any other way.

Georgina: Community Manager / Wearer of all hats 

Star sign: Aquarius
Random Fact: Was on the show ‘It’s Academic’ as a child & chose 80’s music as her niche topic (was 11 and not born in the 80’s)

Georgina is our Community Manager who also helps out with a bit of everything, including: design, content creation and anything else the team may need. She’s a creative, multi-passionate gal who loves design, business, self development, spirituality and wellness. Georgina loves connecting with people, sharing stories and having big life chats. She’s been at the centre of our R&C community for years, so it’s been such a natural progression that she’s now joined the team. Outside of work, Georgina spends her time going for walks, searching for the best cafe, cooking, reading and watching renovation shows. Georgina has a self confessed addiction to learning and is always googling things, thinking of new ideas and researching random topics. You’ll most likely find hundreds of notes in her phone as she’s inspired by literally every font and colour she sees (we’re trying to rein her in).

We also have our amazing Head of Creative - Mikayla Carter (who works across both NH & R&C to bring our creative direction to life) 

Plus, our incredible Logistics Manager - Alex Lennox-kelly (who also works across both NH & R&C to ensure our product dreams come to life)