The Rise & Conquer Project: 7 Week self-development & manifesting course 👑✨

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Note: The course is open for you to purchase and do in your own time. Once you purchase you will be enrolled, you will have instant access to module 1 & given the link to join our private Facebook page. Then, each module will be available every 7 days from the date of purchase. 

The next live round is likely to be open mid 2022! If you purchase the course now, you can join in any of the future live rounds! 


Are you ready to manifest your every desire?
Are you ready to completely up-level in business, life and your relationships?
Are you ready to land your dream job?
Are you ready to finally start that side hustle?
Are you ready to attract abundance & $$$ into your life?
Are you ready to shift into a higher vibe and create a life that you are in love with?
Are you ready to get clear on your next step…?

GF, if you said yes to any of these, then you are ready for the Rise & Conquer Project.

Introducing the “The Rise and Conquer Project: 7 Week Online Course” the online course designed for women to step into their power, take bold action and create a life that sets their soul on fire! This is for the people who want to stop playing small and start dreaming BIG! For my go-getters, for my high-achievers, for my girl gang who are craving MORE! For the people who want to stop trying to fit into a box society has created for them, take my hand and come on this incredible journey with me & let’s create some magic.

How your life can change in 7 weeks - Testimonials below from previous rounds

What’s the Rise & Conquer Project about?

I’m so glad you asked! So, before any new goal or lifestyle change, I use the same formula and method to map out & shift my mindset to achieve it. THIS is the formula that I will be sharing with the group of women who want to change their life and take the next guided steps towards their goals.

This formula includes actionable steps that I will take you through during the 7 weeks + I will show you how to work through limiting beliefs and how to shift into the energy to attract your desires. You do not need to have a desire going into the course, all you need is a drive for MORE! Week 1 is all about getting clear. WARNING: It’s a powerful course, so please only join if you are wanting to create your dream life!

what you get in the course:

  • 7 modules that unlock each week 
  • weekly training video (1hr long)
  • weekly workbook to download
  • weekly guided meditation
  • private Facebook group full of like-minded people & to ask Georgie any Q's
  • BONUS: previous rounds Q&A videos

Transformations that have been seen after completion of the course: 

  • Starting their dream business
  • Finding clarity on their next steps in life
  • Manifesting more $$$ into their life (and it popping up in random ways) 
  • Finding their soulmate
  • Discovering their true calling + pursuing it 
  • Landing their dream jobs
  • Buying their dream house
  • Manifesting their soul sisters into their life 
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs, and stepping into their highest selves 
  • Letting go of society's ideals and doing what makes THEM feel happy

Is this course for you?

Are you ready to banish your limiting beliefs? take control of your mindset? build your confidence muscles? take control of your life and take that next big step that could change your life? Stop playing small and actually create a life that you are in love with? Then this course is for you GF.

I cannot wait to be on this journey with you and completely uplevel together. 

Once you secure your spot you will be sent an email with details to log on to the course portal and join the private Facebook group. If you do not receive an email please email 

PS You do not need Facebook for this course, all content will be uploaded into the portal, however you will miss the opportunity to contact with likeminded people and have easy access to ask Georgie any questions if you do not have it. 

If you want to enroll in the next round, press the 'notify when available' button. 

Click here for more information about the course!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Jewel Thaung (Australia)
From a girl who didn’t believe in manifesting

If you’ve been contemplating whether or not you should do the course and getting an intuitive pull to level up, I highly recommend you follow this feeling. This course has changed my life, and given me the tools to change my mindset. I never believed in manifesting prior to religiously listening to the R&C podcast, and even then I still needed convincing. I thought life was solely based on “luck”, I was so ingrained in my limiting beliefs and repeating the same mistakes, never feeling like I could live my dream life until I did this course!
When I first started I was in my last year of uni studying interior design, and working in banking. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after I graduate- I needed guidance. I was working in a low paying job of 50k part time, always stressing about money, always comparing my life negatively to other people and just so unhappy. I started the course, and asked the universe for guidance. I did the hard work, I realised my triggers, my limiting beliefs and my desires. I wrote down specifics like, after I finish uni I would like to be earning at least 80k a year ( which I never used to think was possible for me ) ! Fast forward to now, I’ve graduated, I didn’t pursue design ( which is ok, I’m so proud of myself for finishing my degree ) but I landed a high paying job in banking - and I love it, it feels so right for me! And guess what, I’m now earning 90k a year!!! I’m so focused on my self development, I feel CLEAR, ALIGNED and so driven to keep achieving my goals! I also found out recently that I’m getting another pay rise soon to 100k. This isn’t magic, this is because I believe in myself now, and I believe I am deserving of good shit happening to me and more. I’ve never been so abundant in my life, and so fulfilled. I rarely compare myself negative to other people anymore because I’m so happy / and focused staying in my own lane. THAT is life changing. On top of that, me and my partner are looking to buy our first house soon! This was one of the things I had been manifesting and working towards; after looking into our deposit, savings, and our earnings we are able to look at our favourite inner city suburbs and purchase a house between 800K-1mil - it feels to good to be true sometimes - but it isn’t, this is my life now. Thank you so much Georgie for giving me the tools to go after my dream life.

Melanie Drivas (Australia)
Life changing!

This course could not have come at a better time in my life! I feel like a lot of things in my life I have manifested without realising (good and bad) and doing this course made me aware of how our thoughts and daily habits can shape our futures. Georgies manifestation formula really helped me in getting into a higher vibe and learning about limiting beliefs that are blocking you from your full potential.
At the end of the course I had some news that felt like a step back so I emailed Georgie for some advice and she responded with the most beautiful message and was exactly what I needed to hear, which I appreciated so much. I have a long way to go on my manifestation journey but I really cannot wait for all the exciting things coming in my life and learning more.

Thank you Georgie for the amazing guidance xx

Daphné Tambay (Canada)
This course offers tools for a lifetime!

I finally decided to invest in myself one morning when I heard Georgie speak about her course on the R&C podcast. I felt a calling that I was ready to take my self-development journey to the next level and I can say this course has been amazing! Georgie offers her manifestation formula as well as so many inspiring tips to help you get to your next level self. The course has helped me create new habits and debunk my limiting beliefs around love, money and my career. I cannot thank Georgie enough and will continue to use this formula for the rest of my life! I am so grateful this course came on my path xxx

Ashley De Faria (Australia)
Life changing

All i can say is wow. This course was the first step to the start of an amazing future. In the course you get deep, you get emotional and you put in the work. I went in knowing what i wanted to manifest and getting clear on that made me so excited. In the course, you uncover so much of YOU and learning how to trust your intuition, what is holding you back and your power.
I’m currently studying to become a nutrition and health coach and a personal trainer, currently manifesting to start an amazing business and through this course i uncovered my next guided steps and made an even larger investment on myself and hired a business coach to make my business go boom that just feels so right.
Georgie has taught me to surrender and drop the how's and just trust.
In the 7 weeks of this course, i got a car i never thought i would be able to get because before that i was playing small and looking at an average car and was closing myself off to other "expensive" cars blocking myself, so while my logic brain tried to take over, Georgie taught us to know that i am supported and future me is going to be just fine financially. So i got the car!! Manifesting the money!!
Georgie has helped me uncover my next level self and my biggest desires and that anything is possible when you let it. This course can lead you to so many new possibilities and oppurtunities and so worth the investment in yourself. You will never know your true potential if you don't do this course. Thankyouu so much Georgie xx

Mary-Anne L. (Australia)
The turning point I needed in my life

There are only a handful of times in my life where I’ve been able to look back and say to myself, “my life changed after that.” This is now one of them. When I decided to sign up to this course, I was at a mental rock bottom. I had just achieved my life-long dream (career-wise) but for several months I was waking up feeling empty and miserable. I thought, if I am feeling this way after achieving my dream career, then how will I ever be happy? I then signed up to this course without any expectations – given my mental state, I felt that I had nothing to lose. So I took the leap, and wow, I am so grateful that I did. I initially told myself I’d use the course to change my external circumstances, but what it ended up changing is my inner world. I have a sense of inner peace and spirituality that I’ve never had before in my life. It’s crazy because I now find myself desiring so much more in life, and dreaming so much bigger, all whilst being wholeheartedly accepting of my current reality. It is an interesting mindset to be in, and I truly believe that anything is possible from here.