Ep 14: Money mindset, finding a fulfilling career + how our beliefs affect our health with Amy Sangster

This episode we chat with Amy Sangster, who is coach on health & wealth! We chat about money mindset, how to choose a fulfilling career path, how our beliefs affect our health, how to train the brain to make better choices + so much more.

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  1. Changing lives online. “We we’re teaching people to become even better than we were!” 6:30

  2. “A lot of people shut down their dreams because they don’t know the way...:” 7:35

  3. What it takes to become a 7 figure entrepreneur: Mindset & consistency 8:20

  4. Money mindset, is it holding you back? Tools & steps to take 10:00

  5. “I’m a huge believer in the law of attraction…” 11:00

  6. Living on a high vibration frequency… “Like attracts like” 11:46

  7. Our financial thermostat 15:10

  8. How to make money a priority 17:30

  9. “While I think working for ourselves is wonderful, I don’t think it’s for everyone” 19:25

  10. Switching gears… Health chats & dealing with a big loss 23:10

  11. “We associate health with a certain physique…” 33:26

  12. Microwaves… changing the cells in foods? 33:30

  13. How you can change your vibration 43:43

  14. “Our thoughts and emotions… often they’re a little crazy” 49.01

  15. “Motivation serves us for a period of time… and then it fades” 52:14

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