Hey my loves, 

You have probably seen this quite literally *everywhere* at the moment. 

Lucky girl syndrome has taken tik tok by storm with the hashtag (#luckygirlsyndrome) already hitting 254.8M views. 

We wanted to have a chat today about what lucky girl syndrome is and why it may or may not be working for you. 

What is lucky girl syndrome? 

Essentially, lucky girl syndrome is sitting in the belief that you are a lucky girl and things will work out for you in the end. Sounds a little familiar right? 

ICYMI - here is a tik tok that explains it…


@suziebonaldi This explains ✨ everything ✨ do you think this is a thing??? #luckygirlsyndrome ♬ original sound - Suzie 🤍


I speak about this concept a lot and would say lucky girl syndrome is very similar to the manifesting concept of surrender. (If you’d like to learn a bit more about surrender and what that is - we’ve done a podcast episode all about it here.

But basically, everyone in these tik tok videos is really leaning into surrender and trusting that the universe has their back and things are always working out in their favour. This is technically the last step in my manifesting formula so they are kind of doing it backwards but I love it? 

Lucky Girl Syndrome is amazing and such a great introduction into manifestation but it is missing A LOT. In the Rise and Conquer project, my 7-week self development and manifesting course, I teach you the exact formula I use every time I want to attract a new desire into my life. This includes an entire module on surrender aka lucky girl syndrome. If you want to become the ultimate lucky girl & have magnetic energy you can find out more here. 


Not to get too *woo woo* but in order to actually make lucky girl syndrome work for you, you have to do the inner work & truly lean into the surrender. 

If there is even a sliver of doubt in your mind that what you are asking for may not happen or that you don’t deserve it - then I guarantee you, it won’t. 

You have to dig deep and actually look at your habits, patterns & attitude to discover whether or not you are blocking yourself from becoming a “lucky girl”. 

If you want to be a lucky girl and find out how you can unblock yourself then (shameless plug) but I’d highly recommend this episode of the R&C Poddy where we chat all things lucky girl syndrome and how you can become a lucky girl! 

Love always, 

G xx 

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