How and why you should make journaling a habit (*free* prompts included!)

Journaling has become a vital component of my morning routine. It helps me live intentionally with a clear direction towards my goals and kick starts my day on a positive note. More importantly, it’s had a huge impact on improving my mental health. But can writing really help as much as people say? In short… YES!

Why you should start...

The benefits are endless! Here’s why putting a pen to paper every day can become a truly transformative habit for you:

1. Setting clear goals

Writing out your goals can help gain extra clarity on what they are and allows you to live with direction. By referring back to your goals, you’re able to cross-check whether your actions are aligned with them, making you more likely to achieve them!

2. Relieve stress

Journaling can be the ultimate stress reliever. Spilling all of your thoughts and feelings onto the page can feel like a literal weight has been lifted from your shoulders! We all know bottling our feelings up isn’t sustainable and journaling is a great way to let it all out and get in touch with your emotions without judgement.

3. Boost productivity

Journaling can help you acknowledge how you’re spending your time. I find that by writing out what tasks need prioritising, I get a lot more done in my day!

4. Mould your mindset

Do you have limiting beliefs you can’t seem to get out of your head? Same, gf! Journaling is an amazing tool I use to counteract my limiting beliefs by writing them down and reconstructing the narrative by writing a new belief. Journaling helps eliminate doubt and can bring you closer to who you want to be.

5. Increase positivity

Journaling can just feel bloody good. One of my favourite things to do is write a list of all the things I’ve achieved at the end of the day and list three things I’m grateful for. It has a huge impact on enhancing my mood and helps you live in the present! 

How you can start...

Once I’ve found a truly transformative habit, I just have to spread the word! Which is why I decided to put together weekly journal prompts for the Rise and Conquer community. These prompts are a great resource designed to help you form this invaluable habit (especially if you stare at the blank page with no idea where to start!) 


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