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I really want to share my journey with you, so let’s take it back to 2012...


To paint a very honest picture for you, imagine a 17-year-old Georgie fresh out of high school and about to tackle a law degree. I was your typical Aussie university student who never took care of myself or listened to my body. My weeks were filled with ‘quick’ meals, unhealthy snacks, binge drinking, daily oversleeping and minimal exercise. Within a year my body caught up with me and I gained 10 kilograms. I found myself low on energy, unhappy and increasingly self-conscious with the way my body looked.

However, I woke up one fateful day and decided enough was enough… It was time for a change, and so my health journey started! It was around 3 years into my health journey that I realised that I had sung from one extreme to the next, I thought I was being ‘healthy’ but found that I was overtraining and undereating to look a certain way which created a whole host of symptoms (including adult acne, hormone imbalances & digestion issues).


Fast forward to now...


The countless ups, downs and challenges I faced, no matter how hard or unfair they seemed in the moment, gave me valuable insights into what works best for ME. I educated myself on health and fitness, learnt exactly what my body thrives off (and what it doesn’t) and feel like I have found my healthy. Which, by the way, I found out didn’t mean eating less and exercising more. No. In fact, quite the opposite.

Whilst on this journey, I also stumbled my way across the incredible art of eating intuitively. Like most, I tried many ways of eating to achieve my “dream body” only to find that as unpleasant as these diets were, they were also unsustainable. Intuitive eating however, meant practicing the art of listening to your body and then using your intuition to fuel your body in the way it needs to be fuelled. This method has improved both my physical health and my relationship with food, but more importantly it has been sustainable! Now, not only am I the healthiest I have ever been, but I am also the happiest, strongest and fittest I have ever felt in my life.


My site has one resounding purpose, and that is to assist you as much as I can on your own health journey… and to save you from a lot of mistakes that I made whilst on my own. Basically, I created something that I wish was available to me when I started! Complementing my Instagram and YouTube channel, my little piece of the internet showcases a collection of my hottest tips, best recommendations and first-hand knowledge that I have gained throughout my health journey.

Though my journey is not over, I can proudly say that I love moving my body, fuelling my body and living in a healthy mindset. This is only the beginning and I can’t wait to continue to inspire, motivate and educate you!

Welcome to your journey!

G x